Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about Creating Yourself                         - George Bernard Shaw

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Making Things Happen


“If not me, then who? If not now, then when? “

Paraphrased from Hillel the Elder 110 BC

It is not WHY; it is, WHY NOT!

Think back to your first memory as a child who wanted something – anything. Did you fail? Of course not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

If you were hungry, you did anything to get food. If you wanted clean clothes, you let your caregivers know in no uncertain terms that you wanted clean clothes and got them. When you wanted to reach something you did everything in your power to get that item and if it was important enough you got it.

Think back about learning to walk – that seemingly impossible mountain to climb. At least that is what it seemed like at the time. Did you fail? NO! Was it easy? NO! You tried to stand and then fell and it hurt. Did you stop there, NO! You tried again and again and again and again, maybe you had to try 10 times, 100 times, a thousand times but you didn’t quit. You achieved the most important goal in your life. Baby steps, those magic moments. Everyone around you cheered and clapped and laughed and you were the star of all stars. Would you like that feeling again? Let’s Do it.



Have you ever heard the saying, “monkey see, monkey do!” We get so much of our learning and traits by seeing what others do and copying them. It all started when we were babies. If you want your clients, suppliers, and most importantly your employees to do the right thing then you better exhibit it first. Read on...


Money with Meaning - Living Your Life On Purpose

Why are you here? Why are you on the planet right now? Many people believe we each come into this life with a purpose, a reason for living. Considering that every element in nature has a specific purpose for existing, and we are an integral part of nature, it stands to reason that we have a purpose too. Read more here...




Ever wonder how some people have a lot of money and just keep making more and more money - while some people struggle to make ends meet - even though they keep doing everything they can to make more money? Or why some people always have the money to buy what they want while others continue to pile up their debts even though they have a decent job? Read on...